Reserved For Destiny is about a journey; more specifically, my journey, but I oftentimes use the stories of people who have inspired me both in my fiction and when I’m reflecting on a particular topic or quandary of life.

The purpose of this blog space is to create thought-provoking and hopefully inspiring content that will cause a positive stir or movement in a reader’s day. I welcome feedback, critique, and anecdotes from any and all who wish to share. We all have amazing and unique stories to tell. However, I do ask that comments be carefully thought out and expressed in a constructive way. Sometimes we will agree to disagree, and that’s okay. Like my Gran always says: “You don’t know somebody’s journey until you’ve walked in their shoes.” Therefore, the bottom lines for me are empathy, kindness, and a positive mindset. In the end, we are all just doing what we can to put our best foot forward.

Walk with me for awhile? And, most importantly, let’s try to find some way to enjoy the journey.